Elevate your Career with TheraTeam  

TheraTeam offers new employees the opportunity to work with our company in a number of full time and travel settings.  At TheraTeam we will support you by providing opportunities to grow and learn.  Find out how TheraTeam can elevate your career by contacting us for an interview today. 





  • Operate an economically successful business so that a consistent level of steady work is available
  • Select people on the basis of skill, training, ability, attitude, and character without discrimination with regard to age, sex, color, race, creed, national origin, religion, marital status, military or veteran status, disability, or any other reason prohibited by applicable law
  • Pay all employees according to their effort and contribution to the success of our business
  • Review wages, employee benefits and working conditions periodically with the objective of providing competitive benefits in these areas, consistent with sound business practices
  • Contribute to the professional development of competent people who understand and meet our objectives, and who accept with open minds the ideas, suggestions, and constructive criticisms of fellow employees
  • Make prompt and fair adjustment of any complaints that may arise in the everyday conduct of our business, to the extent that is practicable
  • Respect individual rights and treat all employees with courtesy and consideration
  • Maintain mutual respect in our working relationship
  • Promote employees on the basis of their ability and merit
  • Make promotions or fill vacancies from within TheraTeam whenever possible
  • Keep all employees informed of the progress of TheraTeam, as well as the company's overall goals and objectives



  • Competitive Wages
  • Continued Education Allowance
  • $150 Per Month Benefits Bank Allowance
  • Group Health Insurance Policy Including Dental (optional)
  • 20 Days of Accrued PTO Time
  • 2 Additional Days PTO for Continued Education (if needed)
  • Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan



  • Competitve Rates
  • Student Loan Assistance (*certain stipulations may apply)
  • Mentoring and Supervision
  • Multiple Clinical Settings
  • Tax Free Housing
  • Living Allowance
  • Health insurance benefits through Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • $150/month towards your benefits bank
  • 20 PTO days per calendar year
  • Continuing Education Allowance